What's the future of the Broomhill Community Hub?

Campaign update #7

You're reading the Broomhill Community Hub newsletter updating you about the campaign for community ownership of the bowling green on Randolph Road. This newsletter went out to over 560 local residents. If this newsletter was forwarded on, you can sign up here:

This long overdue update summarises our campaign’s trajectory from the launch till now.

In short, we have engaged the community and have listened to your needs and desires for the site. We have progressed talks with the relevant funder, the Scottish Land Fund. We have been granted permission to apply for Stage 1 funding to help develop a business plan / feasibility study for the Broomhill Community Hub.

The reason this update has been delayed is that we have successfully reached out to the Trustees of the Jordanhill Bowling Club and have gained their permission to obtain a valuation of the site for a negotiated sale. Though the trustees have agreed to let us value the site, at present this does not tie them to our option. But nevertheless we are grateful to them to consider all opportunities.

Your Community Hub Needs You!

In the video we discuss a possible vision for the site, in order to make it a reality we are seeking for volunteers with skills in organisations or a deep interest to step forward to become trustees of the Broomhill Community Hub. The role of trustees will be to help shape the vision, commission the business plan and see things to fruition. We envisage that trustees will commit to weekly meetings until the Stage 1 application is submitted (to be completed before the end of the year). After that the time commitment would lessen to monthly meetings and in time these would further decrease in intensity.

If you have experience of being involved in organisations we would love to hear from you! However, experience is a requisite, we also need ideas people who have time to help progress things. If this is you, please reach out!