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Thanks Hector and Martin for that update and for taking this all as far as this in such a short time period. I met you both at the meeting in September and I am still keen to be involved; I don't have specific experience of putting such an application together but I'm more than happy to contribute to this where I can and even do some of the grunt work of taking bullet points and turning them into perhaps a more descriptive piece covering the visions, proofreading, fact-checking etc if that is where my assistance is required.

I have a particular interest in the Workshop idea for the space and have already put a lot of thought into how such a space could be run and become self-funding so would be happy to contribute those ideas to the business plans, etc. Part of my interest also overlaps with the idea of a garden/growing space and ways that could become self funding.

I also have a great deal of interest in the history of Broomhill and surrounding areas and have done a lot of research work already but know that there must be troves of pictures, film, maps etc out there that the community would love to see disseminated so that is possibly another angle for community engagement that I would be keen to pursue.

My current position is in IT so if anything needs to be put together for the website then I'm also happy to contribute there and I'm also happy to become a trustee, but would maybe like some more information around what's involved in that going forward, just so I know what commitment I would have to give and gauge whether that is going to be possible in 2023 and beyond.

Fortunately, as of end of next week, I will be on annual leave from my job until mid January so I do have time to meet or review documentation and be involved in the application process.

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John, thanks for volunteering. Can you write into broomhillcc01@gmail.com and I can add you to our internal messaging platform.

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